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At Tech to Market, we aim to foster economic development by supporting entrepreneurs and startups in the technology and consumer products sectors. Our goal is to create high-skilled, well-paying jobs for the future by commercializing new technologies and products and nurturing technology-driven businesses.

Inventors and Product-Based Businesses


Thrive within a Collaborative Ecosystem
Be part of a vibrant community of innovators where shared experiences, mutual learning, and collaborative ideation become stepping stones to success.

Empower Your Business Journey Tap into our resources in marketing, sales, and business development, specifically designed to empower you to convert your ideas into successful ventures.

Nurture Your Innovations
Access our incubator and accelerator programs, which will provide the support you need to push past the development phase and bring your ideas to fruition.

Connect with Market Stakeholders
Gain unprecedented access to retailers and consumers who value unique, USA-made, eco-conscious products.
Gain Real-World Experience
Get hands-on experience by working on real projects that will enhance your skills in business, marketing, and visual design.

Enhance Your Career Prospects
Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of industry professionals, participate in skill-enhancing workshops, and align your learning with your career aspirations.

Dive into an Inclusive Community
Be part of a welcoming community that values and celebrates every voice, from minorities and women to children, international communities, tribes, and the LGBTQ+ community.


Unearth Investment Gems
Leverage our extensive pipeline of promising deals in the innovative hardware and IoT sector, ready for market entry and expansion.

Enjoy Smooth Investment Experience
Capitalize on our expertise in deal management and investor matchmaking, ensuring your investment process is efficient and rewarding.

Stay on the Pulse of Innovation
Keep abreast of the latest market trends and emerging innovations in the tech industry.

International Communities/

Retailers and Consumers

Learn in an Inclusive Environment
Engage in a community committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that promotes learning and growth for all.

Support and Grow Together
Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and support each other in your journeys in the tech industry.

Showcase Your Talent
Utilize our platform to work on real-world projects, highlighting your unique skills and talents.
Discover a World of Unique Products
Access a vast selection of unique, USA-made, and eco-conscious products, each with its own captivating story.

Forge Direct Links with Creators
Directly engage with product inventors and businesses, enabling you to better understand their products, provide feedback, and make inquiries.
By joining Tech to Market, you're becoming part of a movement determined to drive innovation, foster job creation, promote equity across all communities, and ensure a sustainable future.

All Members

Join a Sustainability-Prioritizing Community
Be part of an organization that prioritizes the principles of the circular economy and is committed to ensuring the sustainability of our planet.

Benefit from Matchmaking and Deal Management
Take advantage of our expertise in ecosystem design, management, and investor matchmaking.

Expand Your Network
Connect with individuals and organizations across diverse industries such as Energy, LiveScience, Outdoors, Pet Products, Healthcare, Low Tech, Government, SPA, and Filmmaking.

Become a Community Catalyst
Act as a catalyst and connector within our community, promoting regional development through events, engagement, and recruitment.

Engage in Enriching Events and Workshops
Participate in events and workshops to expand your knowledge, connect with community members, and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in the tech industry.


When planning our events we strive to identify intricate challenges faced by the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and offer solutions to those challenges by bringing together the best in the defined area of expertise .

By keeping the event local, we offer fruitful conversations and bring opportunities to build partnerships within the hosting community. This focus gives entrepreneurs a formula for global success.

Inventors and entrepreneurs, product/technology companies, product sourcing scouts, investors, media, and support organizations come together to discuss the latest trends in technology and product commercialization and licensing.

Tech to Market combines a learning environment, a business conference, a meet and greet to offer startups access to resources that might solve every challenge they face.

Our Tech to Market brings growth to the community — with new products being developed and invested in, new jobs are created and the city thrives.




These are the elements of each event:



Each event Tech to Market hosts (both online and live) is designed to meet a selected local or global entrepreneurial community needs. By doing extensive market research and surveys, we determine the main pain points of startups in the selected community.

Then we invite world renown speakers to share their experience, solutions, and challenges. Local thought leaders and influencers come on stage as well to share their perspectives on how to solve identified challenges and move to the next stage.

If you want to be a speaker at one of our events, submit your information and our team will reach out to you!



Each participating startup or a product company in the community is handpicked to align with the overall theme of Tech to Market. By doing a "needs evaluation" on each selected member, we identify their pain points, and look for potential partners and companies that will benefit the entrepreneur. We work to prepare each member, so they are completely engaged in the community and fueled for the growth.

When we organize our famous events, a matchmaking booth area gives selected startups a chance to showcase their products/technologies and introduce them to product companies, potential partners, and investors. Product companies will have a glimpse at new products on the local or global market, and investors will be able to gauge reactions to determine which products are viable candidates for investment opportunities.

Tech to Markets' partners will be on hand to present their services and share their expertise in an ever-changing market.

Representatives from your local or global media will have a chance to learn about new products and can bring exposure to all community participants and the event before, during, and after it. They often share stories with the local community that brings these products to life and help everyone thrive.

Every participant comes to this event with goals in mind, and our mentoring process before and during the event helps all parties achieve those goals.




Networking is a prevalent part of our community, especially during our both online and offline events. The relaxed atmosphere with techno music, upscale food, and beverages offers the right mood for productive conversations.

New ideas are generated, partnerships are forged, and participants walk away with collaboration for continued success.

Each event is hosted at a unique historic boutique hotel, one which sparks creativity and stays in the mind of participants forever.
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Tech to Market is a Louisiana-based 501(c)3 organization.

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