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It brings together inventors, entrepreneurs, and product companies to discuss the business and to learn about the latest trends in technology commercialization and product licensing.
What is it about?



What is Tech to Market?

Tech to Market is designed to solve the challenges your local entrepreneurial community faces.

This event strives to identify intricate challenges faced by local startups and to offer solutions to those challenges by bringing together the best in the defined area of expertise.

By keeping the event local, we offer fruitful conversations and bring opportunities to build partnerships within the hosting community.
Inventors and entrepreneurs, product/technology companies, product sourcing scouts, investors, media, and support organizations come together to discuss the latest trends in product and technology commercialization and licensing.

Tech to Market combines a learning environment, a business conference, and a meet and greet to offer startups access to resources that might solve every challenge they face.

This focus gives entrepreneurs a formula for global success.
A comparatively small event, we designed this conference to give maximum benefits for the limited number of participants. We strive to help those who choose to contribute to the movement and further expedite the local startups eco-system growth.

Our goal is to keep this event local, customizing each event for your entrepreneurial community needs.

We are looking for breakthrough ideas in your local market that can be brought to global success.

Events like this bring growth to the community — with new products being created and invested in, new jobs are created, and the city thrives.

This event was designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!


Each event is designed to meet your local entrepreneurial community needs. By doing extensive market research and surveys, we determine the main pain points of startups in your local community.

We invite world renown speakers to share their experience, solutions, and challenges. Local thought leaders and influencers come on stage as well to share their perspectives on how to solve identified challenges and move to the next stage.

If you want to be a speaker at one of our events, submit your information and our team will reach out to you!


Each participating startup in the booth area is handpicked to align with the overall event theme and goal. By doing a "needs evaluation" on each startup, we identify their pain points, and look for potential partners and companies that will benefit the entrepreneur. We work to prepare each event participant, so they are completely engaged at the event.

At the event, a matchmaking booth area allows selected startups a chance to showcase their products/technologies, and introducing them to product companies, potential partners, and investors. Product companies will have a glimpse at the new products on the local market, and investors will be able to gauge reactions to determine which products are viable candidates for investment opportunities.

Tech to Markets' partners will be on hand to present their services and share their expertise in an ever-changing market.

Only the best fit for this event will be there to help bring the most value to participants.

Participants from your local media will have a chance to learn about new products in the community, and can bring exposure to all event participants, before, during, and after the event. They often share stories with the local community that brings these products to life and help everyone thrive.

Every participant comes to this event with goals in mind, and our mentoring process before and during the event helps all parties achieve those goals.

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Networking is prevalent at all events. The relaxed atmosphere with techno music, upscale food, and beverages offers the right mood for productive conversations.

New ideas are generated, partnerships are forged, and participants walk away with collaboration for continued success.

Each event is hosted in a unique historic boutique hotel, one which sparks creativity and stays in the mind of participants forever.

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This time we will talk about why speed to market of new products and technologies takes so long from both a startup and corporate perspective.
"During the event, we will learn about and discuss topics ranging from the potential reasons of new technologies adoption delays and what can be done about it, to securing the needed 'unconventional' funds, to the future of innovations through the energy sector lenses," said Onega Ulanova

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Speed to Market
Come to learn, brainstorm, and have fun!
October 24, 2019

Remington Hotel and SPA | Shreveport, LA

4:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Our Speakers
Dr. Jenny Servo
Founder, Dawnbreaker. Dr. Servo is the founder and President of Dawnbreaker, a leading provider of training, market research and commercialization support to the Small Business Innovation (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) communities.
Chad Harkness
Managing Director, The Oilfield Marketplace. Say hello to Chad Harkness, who – after a 20-year, global O&G career (Canada, Colombia, Algeria, Netherlands, Paris, Bucharest, and Houston) – managed to break the shackles and security of corporate life to start The Oilfield Marketplace.
Kedma Ough
Author, Target Funding. Too often, great ideas fail to see the light of day because the inventor doesn't know how to secure the necessary funding throughout the inventing process. No matter what your idea might be, there is funding available to build a solid business or invention around it.
Mark LaCour
O&G Expert, Podcaster. Mark started off in sales and has sold over $305 million to the oil & gas industry and has had over 2200 meetings with almost every oil & gas company that you can name. He's done business in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the UK, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil and in the good ol' US of A to name a few.
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Thomas Shattuck
Manager, Center for Energy Solutions at Deloitte
Thomas Shattuck a research manager in Deloitte's Energy, Resources & Industrials practice where he has published more than 10 reports across a range of energy topics from cybersecurity, to petrochemicals, to oilfield services.

Dr. John Chidlow
A co-founder, Innolyzer Labs. Please meet and greet our very own Dr. John Chidlow, a co-founder of Innolyzer Labs, a Shreveport "born and raised" bio-tech startup. John is a graduate of Baylor (BA) and LSUHSC (MS, PhD), and he did his post doc at Yale.

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It brings together inventors, entrepreneurs, and product companies to discuss the business and to learn about the latest trends in technology commercialization and product licensing.

Intellectual Property
and Monetize