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We had some fantastic speakers, awesome networking opportunities, and good food. We saw connections being made that will help forge joint ventures in the future.
Dr. Jenny Servo
Founder, Dawnbreaker. Dr. Servo is the founder and President of Dawnbreaker, a leading provider of training, market research and commercialization support to the Small Business Innovation (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) communities.
Chad Harkness
Managing Director, The Oilfield Marketplace. Say hello to Chad Harkness, who – after a 20-year, global O&G career (Canada, Colombia, Algeria, Netherlands, Paris, Bucharest, and Houston) – managed to break the shackles and security of corporate life to start The Oilfield Marketplace.
Kedma Ough
Author, Target Funding. Too often, great ideas fail to see the light of day because the inventor doesn't know how to secure the necessary funding throughout the inventing process. No matter what your idea might be, there is funding available to build a solid business or invention around it.
Mark LaCour
O&G Expert, Podcaster. Mark started off in sales and has sold over $305 million to the oil & gas industry and has had over 2200 meetings with almost every oil & gas company that you can name. He's done business in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the UK, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil and in the good ol' US of A to name a few.
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Thomas Shattuck
Manager, Center for Energy Solutions at Deloitte
Thomas Shattuck a research manager in Deloitte's Energy, Resources & Industrials practice where he has published more than 10 reports across a range of energy topics from cybersecurity, to petrochemicals, to oilfield services.

Dr. John Chidlow
A co-founder, Innolyzer Labs. Please meet and greet our very own Dr. John Chidlow, a co-founder of Innolyzer Labs, a Shreveport "born and raised" bio-tech startup. John is a graduate of Baylor (BA) and LSUHSC (MS, PhD), and he did his post doc at Yale.

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The presentations were insightful and well thought out. Our presenters provided some knowledge into their various specialties - knowledge that our startups can use to move forward.
Thank you to the following startups for attending this event. We hope you learned something, achieved your goals, and made some connections for the future! We certainly learned something from each and every one of you!
Angel is a service company to the oil industry specializing in polymer treatments for oil wells to increase oil production and decrease produced water.
Nesh is a smart assistant for oil and gas. Obtain cross-functional answers to questions without any dependencies, eliminating wait time asking questions to an associate. Simply ask questions regarding competitive benchmarking, market intelligence, and more!
Innolyzer labs has the first of its kind solution for easy, accurate measurement of hydrogen sulfide in aqueous samples for field and laboratory use.
Creating oil well designs from simple to complex to maximize production across the full spectrum of conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
Easy, fast, and secure online purchasing, Hexacom is the US oilfield's first, true eCommerce marketplace!
Deploying DNA sequencing to maximize the economics and sustainability of oil and gas production, Biota provides actionable diagnostics to the oil and gas industry to maximizing reservoir economics and reducing environmental impact.
The revolutionary new live bait retrieval system, it solves the #1 problem of fishing with live bait: fishing for bait in order to bait the hook.
A hammerless alternative with employee safety, peak rig performance, and mobility in mind. Applicable in any oilfield, mining, or refining operation/environment.
Provides oilfield chemical testing and deployment needs to support every phase of a well's life, such as water treatment, chemical compatibility, or performance monitoring.
We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as it looks like you did in these pictures. Our presenters had some fantastic, if not stinky (the hydrogen pic), slides to share and the enthusiasm they had for their topics was catchy as they shared their information. Enjoy the pics!
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