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UP Stand

6 Angles Adjustable Laptop Stand

Compatible with Laptops

Chrome Books
Product Description
Laptop, Chrome Book, Portable Monitor, Smart Phone, and Tablet Stand

With six tilt angles, this versatile stand provides a convenient placement of the devices and allows you to find the ideal position when typing, watching or reading. UP stand supports most of the laptops, chrome books, smart phones, portable monitors, and tablets from 7 to 22 inches. And its durable aluminum alloy design holds up to 5 kg (11 lbs.) of weight. The angled positioning of the device lifts the fans off the surface, allowing for more air flow and better cooling. Both sides of the adjustable laptop stand are equipped with the silicone rubber pads that ensure secure grip with gadgets and surfaces. It is foldable and slim, fitting any bag and backpack perfectly. UP laptop stand brings comfort and convenience to your work at home, school, office, and while traveling.
Flip it over to switch from laptop to portable monitor or tablet stand

Six positions
Adjust the tilt angle to your comfort easily (19̊ to 30̊)

One-piece stand
No separate parts. Easy to use, nothing to lose

Silicone rubber pads
For secure device holding and better surface grip

Open airflow
Lifting the fans off the surface provides them with more room for intake or exhaust, providing better device cooling.

Collapse and slide it in your bag
Portable Monitors

Phones, and Tablets (7″ to 22″)


laptops, chrome books, portable monitors, smart phones, tablets – 7″ to 22″ up to 5 kg (11 lbs.)

Material: Aluminum alloy, silicon rubber

235 x 215 x 4 mm (9.25 x 8.46 x 0.16 inches)

Weight: 428 gr / ~1 LB

Color: Dark Grey, Silver

What devices can the UP stand support?
UP stand is suitable for most of the laptops, tablets, smart phones, portable monitors, and chrome books. The dimensions of your device should be within the following criteria:

  • Minimum diagonal: 7"
  • Maximum diagonal: 22"
  • Maximum weight: up to 11 lbs (5 kg)
    What materials is UP stand made of?
    The main body of the UP stand is made out of durable aluminum alloy and the pads on both sides of the holder are made with silicone rubber that ensures secure grip with devices and surfaces.
      How to switch from laptop to tablet stand?
      In order to switch from laptop to tablet stand, and vice versa, simply flip the holder.
      How many adjustable angles does the UP stand have?
      UP stand can be adjusted to six tilt angles from 19̊ to 30̊.
      What are the exact dimensions of the UP stand?
      In inch: 9.25″L x 8.46″W x 0.16″H

      In mm: 235L x 215W x 4H
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