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Our Tech to Market store has launched its own eCommerce platform! The platform is a hub for new inventions and new products developed by all our ecosystem members.

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After a number of conversations, years of observations, practical trial and errors, we've come to a definite conclusion. It became apparent to us that one of the main obstacles in bringing great ideas and new inventions to the market is a lack of marketing and sales vehicles. So, instead of waiting for somebody else to solve that problem one day, we decided to create this much needed solution right now.
Our Inspiration
Real, innovative solutions for a variety of pain points are being developed constantly by individual inventors and small businesses. But a lot of folks just don't know where to look for them. That's why we are serious to become that one place where people know they can find new products that solve their daily problems. They can also shop for cool gifts and search for fresh gift ideas or just get inspiration for the development of the next thing themselves.
Our Goal
Our main focus lies with physical products which are usually simple solutions for everyday challenges. To source new products and new inventions, we collaborate with numerous organizations. As part of our joint effort, we help them design a winning marketing strategy while growing the popularity and awareness about our platform. We help them with distribution, fulfillment, and much more. We believe that it is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all.
Our Focus
If you are a startup who wants to be a part of our tech to market event, submit your info for a review! We are excited that you decided to submit your starup!
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Mainly, we work with those who already have either a working prototype or the first batch of new products. However, if you want to become part of the platform and need help with the development of your product, we will be happy to assist.

Our Tech to Market brings growth to the community — with new products being created and invested in, new jobs are created, and the city thrives.

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It brings together inventors, entrepreneurs, and product companies to discuss the business and to learn about the latest trends in technology commercialization and product licensing.

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